Fire Alarm System
SSP system fire detectors, sprinklers, voice alarm system
Suspended Ceilings
60cm, 80cm on the ground floor
500 LUX at desk level
Air Conditioning & Heating
heating and air conditioning based on linear louvers along facade
Ceiling Height
270cm, 300cm on the ground floor
Floor Load
2,5 kN, 5 kN (at the building core)
Floor Boxes
IT cabling, telephone cabling
Raised Floors
height 10cm, finishing - carpet tiles
Office standard
Modern Solutions

B4B is a complex of modern class A offices, consistent with the current highest standards. The development is characterised by exceptional architecture, high quality fit-out materials, flexible space arrangement, excellent daylight access, eco-friendly technologies, easy access to parking places and additional services within the complex.


The office buildings are equipped with double power supply, a generator, building management system (BMS), access control system, 24 hours security service, CCTV, reception, two staircases (E-J) and four high-speed lifts.

Green Buildings

The next phase buildings (E-J) are subject of BREEAM® certification at the 'very good' level.

BREEAM® is a multicriterial system of building assessment based on their environmental friendliness and comfort of future user. BREEAM® takes into consideration a number of features of the building, including energy efficiency, construction materials, construction technique, operation and implementation, water and waste management, internal environment quality, and transport accessibility.

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